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Take a trip through the Kaosmos!

Introducing our new game by Kane Klenko!

Article published on 31/07/2018

In Kaosmos, each player tries to build and optimize their personal 9-tile Galaxy in one minute, repeating this for 5 rounds of play. You must rearrange your planets into different areas while trying to keep your path as long as possible. Of course, this is all within the different constraints of the Kaos each round. You must keep a cool head, because the score of your weakest area is important!

In each round of the game, players will draft 9 tiles and then quickly get ready for the game. In most cases you are trying to arrange your tiles in large color areas full of planets, with different colors. For instance, a green area with at least 9 planets in it scores 5 points for an orange zone will score the same amount of points with only 4 planets. In addition, there is a special bonus token for each color ... if you think your color areas have the most planets in them, you can grab the corresponding tokens for bonus points! However, once you do you must stop rearranging tiles, and if someone can match or beat your score you'll lose points instead!

Each color is individually scored on your score track. It is important to keep your color scores balanced, because you are most at the end of the game. You might go green on one or two but then focus on green or blue the next. 

The Asteroid Path is another twist .... it can divide your color zones, but when you can do it final score. You are always looking for ways to get your longest asteroid path while also striving for your best color score. 


The Kaos cards create special conditions for each round. The card above, "Black Hole", will cause you to flip over two of your tiles by the end of the round! Which tiles to sacrifice, and where should they be placed? There are even Kaos cards that help or hinder your neighbors. 

Kaosmos is a very rapid game with lots of variety to ensure that no two games will ever play the same way twice! Are you ready to take a trip through the Kaosmos?


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