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POW! by Reiner Knizia

Make a hit comic!

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  • Description of the game POW! by Reiner Knizia

    Box format : 13x13x4

    Highlights : push-your-luck, simple rules, fast playing time

    POW! Is a push-your-luck game in which players are creators of comics seeking to optimize their hero and villain casting in order to create a hit comic! 

    Players have 3 throws to take a positive Super Hero or a Super-Villain negative tile. To win you require a good balance between heroes and villains. Beware: your competitors can also steal your best characters !!! Who will emerge victorious from this creative battle?

    Content: 24 tiles, 5 dice, rules of the game  

    Author : Reiner Knizia
    Illustrator : Jonathan aucomte

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