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Description of the game Gloobz

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You have to get your hands on Gloobz!

One player calls out “More Gloobz” or “Less Gloobz” before flipping a card. Players scramble to grab the correct pieces in order to score points. When the MegaGloobz or Magnifying Glass appear, the rules change!



I Slay the Dragon

Informations pratiques sur le jeu

Les joueurs aiment :

enhance material, fast reaction, for the whole famili

Author : Alexandre Droit

Illustrator : Maxim Cyr

Contenu : 56 Gloobz cards; 3 Gloobz; 3 paint pots; 1 Megagloobz; 6 score trackers ; rules of the game.

Box format : 20 x 14,5 x 6,7 cm

Récompenses :

2015 Seal of Excellence - Creative Child

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