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Dive into the heart of the Kaosmos!

  • Available September 2018
  • Description of the game Kaosmos

    In a race against time, try to form the most fabulous galaxy of the universe. But be careful not to neglect the unstable and chaotic rules that govern the cosmos.

    Each turn, the players begin by discovering the law of the Kaos in strength: Perhaps it Will Be Necessary to explore new paths of asteroids, to face the black holes or to discover a new dimension ... 
    Then Each One selects the tiles that will make his galaxy, taking care of his own. Players then have one minute to best combines their 9 tiles. 

    Do you think your creation outperforms others? Take the bet and grab a tile to improve your result!

     Remember that you've got a good score for your planet, only your lowest score will be taken into account at the end ... none to lag behind!



    - 54 galaxy tiles, 
    - 20 Kaos cards, 
    - 6 individual trays, 
    - 1 hourglass, 
    - 3 bonus tiles, 
    - 24 wooden chips, 
    - 1 bag, 
    - rules of the game.

    Informations pratiques sur le jeu

    Les joueurs aiment :

    Fast paced tile laying game

    Author : Kane Klenko

    Illustrator : Sylvain Aublin

    Box format : 25 x 25 x 5cm

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