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Karibou camp

Under the sign of a good time!

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  • Description of the game Karibou camp

    Box format : 20 x 14,5 x 6.7 cm

    Highlights : an exciting atmosphere – secret signs – teamwork.

    Send the right signal!

    Karibou camp has players taking on the role of camp counselors on a nature hike. Swap cards from your hand to the center of the table to create a set of 5 identical animals. To earn your points, you need to discretely signal to your partner which animal you have collected. Caribou? Stick out your tongue. Bear? Give them a grin. Be careful your opponents can steal your points! Speed, observation, silly faces and laughs are plenty in this crazy party game.

    Authors : Jérémie Caplanne & Lionel Bord (fr)
    Graphics : Remy Tornior

    Contents: 1 Giga-pawn, 8 round tiles, 7 score discs, 63 cards, game rules.


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