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Get rid of your Payoo !

Descriptif du jeu Papayoo

Format boite : 14,5 x 11 x 2 cm

Highlights : based on traditionnal card game, build your stragy, easy to carry

Spend your low cards wisely!

In Papayoo, players try to score the least number of points possible; try to avoid collecting the Payoos and especially the Papayoo, which changes with every hand! If you are unhappy with your hand, don’t fret; just give a part of your hand to the player on your left before starting. Be sure to make the right choice because you’ll be getting some of the player’s cards on your right. Papayoo is a lively alternative to traditional trick-taking card games!

Contents : one 8-sided dice, 60 cards, game rules

Game inventor : GB concept
Illustrator : Bravo


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