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We told you not to split up

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  • Description of the game STUMBLEWOOD

    Box format : 5-11/16˝ x 7-7/8˝ x 2-1/2˝

    Highlights : A fast, innovative, and intense game: We bet you’ll panic!

    A group of friends take the challenge of camping in a dark and spooky forest. In the middle of the night, a scary noise wakes everyone. Is it a monster, a ghost, or something worse? The campers prefer not to find out ... and as in any good scary movie, they are in different directions, each one trying to find a way out of the woods alone!

    Guided by your neighbor, you have thirty seconds to get out of this cursed forest. The further you go, the more you fall into new traps that you will need to avoid on the next attempt: cut through spiderwebs with the knife, pinch your nose to cross the river, toss a bone to distract the wolf….
    If you get lost or fall into a trap, you must start again from the beginning. And at the end of your allotted time, the next player gets to try their luck. Keep your cool, and memorize your route, so you don’t make the same mistakes when your turn comes around again!
    The first player to get out of the forest and return home wins the game. As for the other players....



    - 56 CARDS,
    - 1 SANDTIMER,
    - 2 TILES,
    - 1 RULEBOOK.

    Stumblewood website

    Author : Charles Bossart - Sébastien Darras
    Illustrator : Jonathan Aucomte

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