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Article published on 06/12/2016

Available now discover Specific the  game as cunning as a fox!
Can you name a carnivore with 4 feet which lives on the land? Throw the special dice and be first to find the animal with the features shown: environment, food, and number of feet. Thanks to the different dificulty levels, the game is suitable for all ages. Specific is not only an educational game - it's also fun and lively!

Contents: 28 tiles, 3 special dice, game rules.
Strong points: Have fun while discovering the world. Quick thinking. Simple and evolutive.

Try a round see the image below, the dice indicate the animal that needs to be found (0 to 2 legs, carnivore, that lives in the sea). You think you got it ? click on the picture to check your answer !

question 1*

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