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Pitch Out

Skills and Tactics Game

Description of the game Pitch Out

In Pitch Out you lead a team of 5 pitchers to victory, and each pitcher has a unique ability that changes how they are played. The players take turns playing one of their team’s pucks. As soon as a puck leaves the field of play it is eliminated. A player loses the game if his Captain leaves the field or if all of his other pucks leave the field, leaving his Captain alone.
To win a game of Pitch Out, you must be victorious in two out of three rounds.
Will you choose to play with the Hoods, a brutal tribal nation able to use powerful old magic? Or the Citizens, a proud nation with extensive military experience?

See the rules in video here

About the game

Main strength :

Intuitive, transportable, playable everywhere, 1 minute to learn, quick and intense games.

Author : Adrien Charles

Illustrator : Laurent Nicolas

Content : - 16 pucks - 18 character tokens - 5 defensive obstacles - Rules - Travel bag

Box format : H180 xL210 xP80 mm

Nombre minimum de joueurs : 2

Durée minimum de jeu : 10

Minimum age : 7


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