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The Calaveras Incident

Trust is not always deserved

Description of the game The Calaveras Incident

Mexico - November 1983

Overwhelmed by her discovery, Scientist Nicole Gomez Santos, decides to flee the country and make it public in order to protect herself. She contacts a close journalist friend. At the appointed hour he is not at the meeting point. Nicole decides to go to his hotel to understand what is happening, and discovers the body of her friend, murdered. Players are secret agents working in pairs, who try to convince Nicole to choose their agency to entrust her discovery.

To do so they will have to convince her of their innocence regarding the murder of her friend while trying to charge their opponents. The winning team will be the one to earn Nicole’s confidence at the end of the game. No matter who really commited the crime: the only thing that counts is that she believes you, rather than the others.

About the game

Author : Henri Kermarec

Illustrator : Philippe Auger

Content : - 48 location cards (58x 88 mm) - 6 character cards (80 x 120 mm) - 1 board - 24 suspicion tokens - 1 Nicole standee - Rules

Box format : L130 x H180 x P40 cm

Nombre minimum de joueurs : 3

Nombre maximum de joueurs : 6

Durée minimum de jeu : 25

Minimum age : 12


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