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Modern Classics Pylos Gigamic boardgames

Download the educative sheet Simple rules, quick rounds and rather subtle tactics: Pylos is one of the strangest yetmost beautiful abstract games on the market today, and winner of several “Game of ...


Peek-a-mouse box

A cooperative game in 3 dimensions with different levels of difficulty to adapt to the age of the players.

Pitch Out

Pitch out box left

Intuitive, transportable, playable everywhere, 1 minute to learn, quick and intense games.


Quetzal box left

Quetzal is a set collection game that offers a simple but innovative mechanism of workers placement. All players will enjoy the trip!

Squadro mini

Squadro mini box

Challenging game of abstract strategy with simple rules, made of quality wood.

Quantik mini

Quantik mini box right

Rediscover the sensations of the famous Quarto with a completely different game of mental gymnastics.

Tutti Frutti

boardgames Tutti Frutti  Gigamic

Watch the video It is fruit salad craziness; everyone is looking for their half of the fruit! You have reversible tiles depicting fruit halves in front of you. Your aim is to collect the most tiles ...


Difference  Gigamic

Watch the video Can you spot the Differences! Place one card in the middle of the table and then deal the rest out to players evenly. Each player looks at the top card of their deck and tries to spot ...

Turtle Splash

Turtle Splash - Gigamic Boardgame

On this beautiful sunny day, all the animals of the jungle have arranged to meet each other at the lake for a game of hide-and-seek. But the turtle is late, as always!


 Imagidice Gigamic boardgames

Imagidice features 12 dice with pictures from popular categories. You can use Imagidice as a conversation starter, a language learning tool, or for telling stories. You might even have some clever ...

Katamino Deluxe

Katamino Deluxe  Gigamic

One of our best sellers! Katamino is a puzzle game with both 2D and 3D challenges of progressive difficulty, and also offers a strategic game challenge for two players. Katamino has received multiple ...

Quarto Mini

 Quarto Mini Gigamic boardgames

Each of the 16 pieces has 4 different attributes. The aim is to line up 4 pieces which share the same attribute. The problem is you can't choose which piece you're going to play  your opponent ...

Quoridor Mini

boardgames Quoridor Mini Modern Classics Gigamic

Quoridor is a must among strategy games. Its rules are amazingly simple: just make it through the labyrinths your opponent creates to get to the other side. This game requires strategy and quick ...

Pylos Mini

Pylos Mini  Gigamic

Simple rules, quick rounds and rather subtle tactics: Pylos is one of the strangest yetmost beautiful abstract games on the market today, and winner of several “Game of theYear” awards around the ...

Quixo Mini

 Quixo Mini Gigamic boardgames

Quixo is a simple but not simplistic game, whose rules can be learned in just thirty seconds. Anyone can play! Line up 5 cubes in a row, pushing your lines of cubes horizontally or vertically. This is ...


boardgames Specific  Gigamic

Can you name a carnivore with 4 feet which lives on the land? Throw the special dice and be first to find the animal with the features shown: environment, food, and number of feet. Thanks to the ...