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1 concept, 15 strokes, 30 seconds

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  • Description of the game KONTOUR

    One Concept. 15 Straight Lines. 30 Seconds. 

    One person is selected to draw, and everyone else guesses. Guess correctly, and both you and the person drawing score points! Over 500 items to draw, with more difficult items double scoring for the artist! 

    Would you like to know more? Check out the special website we made for Kontour!

    Kontour website




    - 48 CARDS,
    - 1 DRAWING PAD,
    - 1 PENCIL,
    - 1 SAND TIMER,
    - RULES.


    Informations pratiques sur le jeu

    Les joueurs aiment :

    Finally, a drawing game that fits in your pocket, and doesn’t require any artistic talent!

    Author : Ignacio Sanchez Usera

    Illustrator : Jonathan Aucomte

    Box format : 5-3/4˝ x 4-5/16˝ x 1-3/16

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