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Cosmic Factory

Our new game by Kane Klenko, available now!

Cosmic Factory

for all

Cosmic Factory

Our new game by Kane Klenko, available now!

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  • Stumblewood

    A group of friends take the challenge of camping in a dark and spooky forest. In the middle of the night, a scary noise wakes everyone. Is it a monster, a [···]

  • Cosmic Factory

    Cosmic Factory is a speedy tile-arranging game by Kane Klenko. In a true race against time, try to make the most amazing galaxy in the universe. But be ca [···]

  • Yogi

    Yogi is a game that will have you and your friends twisting and turning (and laughing, of course!) Each turn you draw a card with a simple instruction, su [···]

  • Quoridor Junior

    Help your pet be the first to reach its treat! Place bushy barriers to slow your opponents and your best to avoid being blocked!

  • Hellapagos - Tribe and Characters expansion

    They're no longer alone... By exploring their island, the castaways of Hellapagos have made a discovery that will change everything! There are other maroo [···]

  • The Calaveras Incident

    Mexico - November 1983 Overwhelmed by her discovery, Scientist Nicole Gomez Santos, decides to flee the country and make it public in order to protect her [···]

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    One Concept. 15 Straight Lines. 30 Seconds.  One person is selected to draw, and everyone else guesses. Guess correctly, and both you and the person drawi [···]
  • Katamino Family

    Katamino Family is the newest edition in the Katamino line. It features the 2-player gameplay developed in our Winomino and Katamino Duo products, an acti [···]
  • Katamino

    One of our best sellers! Katamino is a puzzle game with both 2D and 3D challenges of progressive difficulty, and a strategic game challenge for two playe [···]
  • Squadro

    The latest addition to Gigamic's modern classics of abstract strategy. Move four of your five pieces across the board and back to start. Be careful; block [···]
  • Panic Lab

    Download the educative sheet Video Explanation The Amoebas have escaped! Panic Lab is a terrific “brain burning” challenge your customers will love. Dice [···]
  • Quoridor

    Download the educative sheet Quoridor is a must among strategy games. Its rules are amazingly simple: just make it through the labyrinths your opponent cr [···]
  • Imagidice is nominated in the category "The Best Kindergarten Graduation Gifts" by WickedUncle

    Give free rein to your imagination

    Imagidice has just been nominated in the category "The Best Kindergarten Graduation Gifts" by the blogger Wickeduncle !

    Thank you very much :)

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  • Gigamic hire : board-games sales rep.

    based in london

    You will be driving the board-games sales effort at Hachette UK. You will provide support and knowledge to the current sales-team in order to place our products in several key accounts, while also trying to find new channels through which our games could be sold in the UK.


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  • Gigamic wishes you a colorful year !

    Happy new year

    The whole Gigamic team wish you, and your closest ones, a full year of joys and successes!

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  • The Gigatour is ending soon!

    We are heading to the City of Angels!

    We are heading through the American Southwest, winding from St Louis to Los Angeles and many places between! Will you be coming out to play with us?

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