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Katamino Tower

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Continuing the legacy of the renowned Katamino and Katamino Family, Katamino Tower provides three gaming modes and limitless replayability, boasting over 40,000 solutions!

  • 15 min
  • 6 +
  • 1 to 2

Katamino Tower presents a captivating logic puzzle experience utilizing premium 3D wooden shapes to reconstruct an intricate tower. Each game piece is distinctly shaped.

In the two-player cooperative mode, participants take turns selecting from 15 unique pieces. They strategically place the pieces around the central pillar for rings or on the outer area for pentaminos, with the option to collaborate and gather pieces. The rings can be rotated as they are positioned on the pillar, and the objective is to form a flawless cylinder, earning one point for each completed ring.

For solo play, the game transforms into a challenging puzzle. Depending on the chosen difficulty level, players aim to reconstruct a tower with 2, 3, 4, or 5 levels. The Beginner Mode offers helpful piece-selection clues, while the Expert Mode introduces Challenge cards and solutions, boasting over 45,000 distinctive solutions in total.

Author(s): Marko Pavlovic
Game time (from): 15
Number of players min: 1
Number of players max: 2
Age (from): 6
Box format: L202 x H125 x P125 mm

15 wooden pieces
1 game base
40 Expert challenge cards

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