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A cooperative game.... until the food runs out.

Description of the game Hellapagos

After becoming shipwrecked, your group of castaways has landed on a desert isle. Unfortunately, its no paraidise! Fair weather means less water, and fish are scarce. It's doubtful whether everyone can survive for long. There is only one good solution: Construct a large raft together. But do not waste any time, the clouds on the horizon suggest the arrival of a dangerous hurricane! At the end of the game, the players who manage to leave the island will win, assuming anyone survives that long!

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About the game

Main strength :

Betrayal, Alliances, Negotiation, Plotting, Cooperative

Author : Laurence and Philippe Gamelin

Illustrator : Jonathan Aucomte

Content : 1 game board , 3 wooden markers , 92 cards , 6 wooden balls, 1 bag , rules of the game.,

Box format : 5-11/16"W x 7-7/8"H x 2-1/2"D

Nombre minimum de joueurs : 3

Nombre maximum de joueurs : 12

Durée minimum de jeu : 20

Durée maximum de jeu : 30

Minimum age : 10


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