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Description of the game Peek-a-Mouse

A family of little mice has settled in your house! The cheeky ones don’t mind stealing a few items from you to decorate their mini-home. In their absence you can’t resist the urge to peak in their windows to find out more. What happened to my ring? And where are the keys? What are they doing with my button?

Together, the players will observe the different rooms of the house through the windows before the flashlight goes out.
Then they need to work together to remember the location and direction of the tokens to find as many objects as possible before the little mice return!

About the game

Main strength :

A cooperative game in 3 dimensions with different levels of difficulty to adapt to the age of the players.

Author : Théo Rivière & Elodie Clément

Illustrator : Jonathan Aucomte

Content : - 3D house - 10 wooden tokens - 2 wooden figurines - 34 carboard tokens - 1 board - 1 flashlight - Rules

Box format : H300 x L300 x P75 mm

Nombre minimum de joueurs : 2

Nombre maximum de joueurs : 6

Durée minimum de jeu : 20

Minimum age : 4

Âge maximum : 8


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