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Description of the game Quixo

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Quixo is a simple but not simplistic game, whose rules can be learned in just thirty seconds. Anyone can play! Line up 5 cubes in a row, pushing your lines of cubes horizontally or vertically. This is one of the few strategic games that can be played by 2 or 4 players (in teams). Quixo has been recognized as one of the best games in both France and North America.

Exists in mini version

About the game

Main strength :

for the whole family, can be player in team, all in wood

Author : Thierry Chapeau

Content : 1board, 25 pyrographed wooden cubes, 1 cloth bag, rule of the game.

Box format : 28 x 28 x 6 cm

Nombre minimum de joueurs : 2

Nombre maximum de joueurs : 4

Durée minimum de jeu : 15

Minimum age : 8

Rewards :

Mensa Select Top 5 Best Games 1995 - USA ;
Games Magazine “Games 100 Selection” 1995 – USA ;
Games Magazine “Best New Strategy Game” 1995 – USA ;
Parent’s Choice Gold Award 1995 - USA ;
As d’Or Festival International des Jeux-Golden Ace 1995 – Cannes, FRANCE ;
Oscar du Jouet-Toy Oscar 1995 – Paris, France ;


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