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Nautilus Island

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Card Game, exploration & nautical

  • 20 min
  • 8 +
  • 2 to 4

You are shipwrecked on a mysterious, deserted and volcanic island. After a storm, you come across a stranded submarine with no crew: the Nautilus. You must explore the various nooks and crannies to recover as many items as possible to ensure your survival and restore the submarine so that you can leave the island before the other castaways.

Author(s): Johannes Goupy, Théo Rivière
Artwork: Clément Masson
Game time (from): 20
Number of players min: 2
Number of players max: 4
Age (from): 8
Editing: FUNNY FOX

1 Game Board
4 Castaway markers
96 Object cards
34 Bonus tokens
12 Porthole tokens

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