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Mytikas, the boardgame
Mytikas, the boardgame
Mytikas, the boardgame
Mytikas, the boardgame



Players love:

A tense race until the final turn. A follow mechanism allowing you to play even when it is not your turn.
A strong and immersive theme. Generous material.

  • 30 min
  • 10 +
  • 2 to 4

At the top of Mount Olympus, hidden above the clouds, lies Mytikas. Here the gods reign supreme, watching over and governing the lives of the mortals below. You are builders who wish to uncover the mystery of Olympus and draw nearer to the divine light. You must therefore construct prosperous cities and magnificent temples at different levels on the mountain, by skilfully moving your resources closer to the summit. Gaining the favor of the gods at just the right moment will help you complete your task. However, there is limited space on the mountain, so your opponents could throw a wrench into the works! 

In Mytikas, you play as builders who must construct cities and temples on Mount Olympus. The higher up you construct them, the more prestige you will gain. You’ll need to produce resources, and then move them up the levels of Mount Olympus, but make sure you also keep an eye on what your opponents are doing. 

You’ll need to gain the favor of the gods, who can help you with your task: When you make offerings to them, you’ll benefit from their special abilities.
At the end of the game, you’ll calculate your points based on where your buildings are constructed, as well as from any Deity cards you control. The player with the most points at the end of the game will win, and earn the title of Chief Builder for the Gods. 

Starting with the first player, take turns clockwise until one of the following 3 conditions are met, which all immediately trigger the end of the game:

- 3 out of 4 levels are complete on Mount Olympus,
- One of the players takes the last Lock token,
- One of the players has built all their constructions.

Author(s): Augusto Rocha
Artwork: Alain Boyer
Game time (from): 30
Game time (to): 60
Number of players min: 2
Number of players max: 4
Age (from): 10
Box format: H260 x L260 x P60 mm
Editing: FUNNY FOX

1 Mount Olympus board, 1 Action board, 4 player boards, 16 Deity cards, 4 Builder figures, 12 minor cities, 8 major cities, 8 small temples, 4 large temples, 1 Active Player marker, 16 Favor tokens, 17 Level tokens, 45 Offering tokens, 6 Lock tokens, 105 resource cubes, 11 resource tokens of value 3, 1 rulebook


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