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Gosu X

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The original Immortal 8 universe. A game for 2 competitive players. High-quality game material and insert

  • 20 min
  • 14 +
  • 2

The Red Moon is approaching, heralding the next Great Battle. The 8 Immortals of Jalaanx, demigods in eternal conflict, prepare to forge alliances to win the epic battle! While a military victory is always honorable, other maneuvers can bring you victory. Gosu X is a card-and-combination game in which players build their army using cards from their deck. This deck is made up of 3 clans chosen at the start of the game via a draft phase. And the 2 clans not chosen change the rules of the game! A game is played over a maximum of 3 rounds.

In each round you will: 

1, Add cards to your Army (Troops, Heroes and Immortals) and trigger their effects.

2, Fight a Great Battle. The player with the most powerful army wins a Supremacy token.

3, Honor the Song of the Dead. Each player sacrifices half his army. There are several ways to win: get 2 Supremacy tokens OR unlock 5 Activation tokens OR have 15 face-up cards in your army OR reach an alternative victory condition (Goan Sul or Justice).

Author(s): Studio SWAF
Artwork: David Sitbon
Game time (from): 20
Game time (to): 40
Number of players min: 2
Age (from): 14
Box format: H220 x L220 x P60 mm

120 cards, 16 wooden pieces, 1 board, 8 immortal tiles, 1 cloth bags, 1 rulebook


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