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Ciao !

An unexpected twist on a familiar favourite.

Description of the game Ciao !

Rock, Paper ... Red?

Ciao is a fast, fun card game based on the well-known Rock-PaperScissors game, with a special twist! In addition to the circular trump of the symbols, there are colors which will trump a card of the same type. Some cards also have special features to your opponents, or make a play to take control. The first player to empty their hand wins!


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Informations pratiques sur le jeu

Les joueurs aiment :

- a familiar game "rock – paper - scissors " - with unexpected twists! - quick games

Author : Olivier Finet

Illustrator : Stéphane Escapa

Contenu : 108 cards, game rules

Box format : 14,5 x 10,7 x 2

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