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my fantastic first board game !

Article published on 17/08/2015

Happy Party our new game for the whole familly will be available for Essen 2015, we are delighted to present this fantastic game : 

Blow out the candles and collect your gifts!
In turn, each player throws the 2 dice. Find the candles on the board that match the dice and blow them out, being careful not to blow too hard – if the wrong candle falls it’s the end of your turn! If you succeed, draw a gift tile and if it’s on your list you get to keep it. The first player to have all the gifts on their list wins. Happy Party is an original game mixing dexterity and memory. A game the whole family will enjoy. With Happy Party it’s your birthday every day!

content : 4 wish lists, 16 gift tiles, 8 candles with holders, 1 game board, 2 illustrated dice, game rules.




Discover Happy Party

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