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Summer is comming...

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Article published on 05/06/2014


Our novelties are on the way and will get there this summer ! These new games will delight the whole family and add more fun into your holidays!


GLOOBZ: Gloobz are adorable creatures, but they wreak havoc everywhere they go: catch them quick! You need to be quick-witted and fast-acting to catch these funny creatures before your opponents!


DIFFERENCE: Each player needs to spot the two differences between his card and the card in the centre of the table before his opponents.Difference will gently test your observational abilities.


FATAL RENDEZ VOUS: With Fatal Rendez-vous, participate in a detective game which is action-packed and thrilling in the atmosphere of old Paris. Will you be a guest who attempts to expose the two killers …or a ruthless murderer who must commit his crimes discreetly?


TUTTI FRUTTI: It is fruit salad craziness; everyone is looking for their half of the fruit! Tutti frutti is a game packed with vitamins to rouse your reflexes and lighten the mood around your table: a fruit cocktail to be consumed liberally.


Summer is comming...

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