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Quoridor Pac-man, the boardgame
Eat pac-dots, build your path to victory!
Pac-Man and Quoridor: a fusion of strategy and action!
A frantic race through the Pac-Man maze!
Gobble, build, and win in the world of Pac-Man and Quoridor!

Modern Classics

Quoridor Pac-Man

Players love:

A Pac-Man version that blends perfectly with the game, offering a striking design.

  • 15 min
  • 8 +
  • 2 to 4

In this magnificient limited edition of Quoridor, choose to play as PAC-MAN or one of the 4 ghosts. Two game modes are available: Choose to play Quoridor the classic way by taking on the maze challenge, or try out a variant that will let you recapture the feel of the famous PAC-MAN video game!

Author(s): Mirko Marchesi
Artwork: Grumpy, Bandai Graphic Design
Game time (from): 15
Number of players min: 2
Number of players max: 4
Age (from): 8
Box format: H280 x L280 x P60 mm
Editing: Gigamic

1 game board
1 PAC-MAN pawn
4 Ghost pawns
4 Power Pellets
20 Wooden fences
3 Extra Life tokens
game rules


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