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If like us, you think board games are products which deserve passion, if you believe gaming is much more than a hobby…. then welcome to the convivial and innovative universe of Gigamic games.  For more than 20 years, we have published and distributed games to France, Belgium and more than 45 countries across the World. 
Thanks to a wide and original range, our games will fulfill every player's expectations, regardless of their age. And if there is one thing they are all sharing, it is high quality. Whether it be the materials used or the concept of the game itself, our games offer an entertaining time that casual and passionate gamers alike will not forget.

Let's share the pleasure of playing games with the world!

New products

  • Quarto Pocket

    Quarto Pocket

    Games of strategy 15 minutes 8+ 2

    Play online on Boargame arena Winner of awards worldwide for its original concept and recognized as one of the top games of the past 30 years, Quarto is a [···]

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  • Quixo Pocket

    Quixo Pocket

    Games of strategy 15 minutes 2-4 8+

    Quixo is a simple but not simplistic game, whose rules can be learned in just thirty seconds. Anyone can play! Line up 5 cubes in a row, pushing your line [···]

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  • Tutti Frutti

    Tutti Frutti

    Games for family 4+ 10 mn 2-6

    Creator : Theora Concept - Illustrator : Stéphane Escapa Contents : 48 reversible Fruit tiles; game rules. It is fruit salad craziness; everyone is lookin [···]

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  • Splash attack

    Splash attack

    Games for family 15 minutes 2-4 5+

    Funny fat fish made of wood, two chunky dice, an attractive storage bag and ever-sosimplerules: you’ll want to jump in for furious games for 2, 3 or 4 pla [···]

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  • Professor Tempus

    Professor Tempus

    Games for fun 2-5 20 mn 8+

    The hourglasses shown on the Professor Tempus cards are what make them valuable: the player who has the most hourglasses at the end of the game wins. Thre [···]

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  • Fish Fish

    Fish Fish

    Games for fun 2/8 20 mn 8+

    In this game of bluff and betting, you will alternate between playing the Fisherman and the Fish. In each round, the fisherman casts five lines. Only two [···]

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  • Gloobz


    Games for family 6 + 20 mn 2-6

    Creator : Alexandre Droit - Illustrator : Maxim Cyr Contents :56 Gloobz cards; 3 Gloobz; 3 paint pots; 1 Megagloobz; 6 score trackers ; rules of the game. [···]

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  • Katamino Duo

    Katamino Duo

    Games of strategy 3+ 10 mn 1-2

    Katamino Duo is a game for all the family, play solo or with 2 players. In two player mode you need to be the fastest to fit all your game pieces perfectl [···]

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  • Fatal rendez vous

    Fatal rendez vous

    Games for fun 8+ 30 mn 5-20

    Creator : Olivier Finet - Illustrator : Ysha Contents : 33 ‘Role’ cards, 1 pair of metal handcuffs with 2 keys, 1 bow tie, bag, rules of the game. A mansi [···]

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  • Difference


    Games for family 6 + 20 mn 2-6

    Creator : Christophe Boelinger - Illustrators : Carine Hinder & Line Paquet Spot the difference !Each player has a pile of cards in front of him with [···]

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Famous games

  • Color Pop

    Color Pop

    Games for family 15 minutes 1-5 8+

    Play online Each player is the only one who knows which colour they want to eliminate from thegame board. Players take turns removing groups of counters o [···]

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  • Quoridor


    Games of strategy 15 minutes 2-4 8+

    Download the educative sheet Quoridor is a must among strategy games. Its rules are amazingly simple: just make it through the labyrinths your opponent cr [···]

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  • Panic Lab

    Panic Lab

    Games for fun 2-10 20 mn 8+

    Video Explanation Amoebas have escaped and are slithering around in all directions! Catch them fast!Everyone plays together and at the same time. Roll fou [···]

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  • Quarto


    Games of strategy 15 minutes 8+ 2

    Play online Each of the 16 pieces has 4 different attributes. The aim is to line up 4 pieces which share the same attribute. The problem is you can' [···]

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  • Katamino Pocket

    Katamino Pocket

    Games of strategy 15 minutes 8+ 1

    Katamino is a very intelligent brain teaser designed as a puzzle game aiding development. Suitable for all ages, it enables young children to learn about [···]

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