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Strategy Games

Easy to learn, challenging to master

In addition to our modern classics of abstract strategy, Gigamic publishes a number of well regarded strategy titles. From the SdJ nominated Marrakech to the fantasic new Cosmic Factory, you are sure to enjoy an excellent challenge with simple rules and a short play time.


boardgames Marrakech Strategy Gigamic

The bazaar is bustling! Marrakesh is a multiple award-winning game where each player takes the role of a salesperson who tries to outwit the others. On their turn, each player rolls the dice and [···]

Quoridor Junior

Quoridor Junior Box

Help your pet be the first to reach its treat! Place bushy barriers to slow your opponents and your best to avoid being blocked!


Squadro Box Front

The latest addition to Gigamic's modern classics of abstract strategy. Move four of your five pieces across the board and back to start. Be careful; blocking your opponent can not only get your [···]