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El Capitan

Follow the treasure’s trail!

Description of the game El Capitan

You have to be quick to get the gold!

Players have a series of tiles to memorize; When a card is flipped, the players race to place their ship on the tile that matches the card. There is more to be earned for being swift, but be sure you guess correctly! Special cards change the challenge as you play. In El Capitan, the richest pirate wins!



Informations pratiques sur le jeu

Les joueurs aiment :

memory, reactivity, ambiance

Author : Charlotte Fillonneau

Illustrator : Loïc Billeau

Contenu : 72 Pirate cards (12 cards in 6 colors), 27 Captain cards (reverse: "El Capitan"), 6 Ship pawns, 1 "First" card, 1 "Second" card and 1 "Last" card, 130 gold coins, 1 treasure chest, 1 hourglass (1 minute)

Box format : 20 x 14,5 x 6,7

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