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Tutti Frutti

The game packed with vitamins!

Description of the game Tutti Frutti

Box format : 10,7 x 14,5 x 2

Highlights : speed, reaction observation

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Creator : Theora Concept - Illustrator : Stéphane Escapa

Contents : 48 reversible Fruit tiles; game rules.

It is fruit salad craziness; everyone is looking for their half of the fruit! You have reversible tiles depicting fruit halves in front of you. Your aim is to collect the most tiles possible by rapidly piling up identical fruits. Everyone plays at the same time; you therefore need to be quick and accurate to achieve the highest pile without making a mistake! Tutti frutti is a game packed with vitamins to rouse your reflexes  and lighten the mood around your table: a fruit cocktail to be consumed liberally.


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