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Submitting your invention to Gigamic

Article published on 11/05/2016


Gigamic has been publishing high quality games for over 20 years. We are excited to review new prototypes for games, and we hope you have created our next best seller!


This article will help you understand more about our selection and contract process, and what to expect when you submit a game to us.

Please review the Gigamic product line

We have briefs on our website and many helpful videos on our YouTube channel. As you look at and sample our products, you will notice some important similarities:


  1. Simple Rules (most are only 1 or 2 pages in length and less than 10 minutes to explain thoroughly)
  2. Can be taught visually (most of our rules are supported by picture diagrams)
  3. Short duration (30 minutes or less of total play time)


There are some deviations from these criteria in our product line, but our customers purchase from us expecting certain characteristics in our titles.


Please be well prepared before your presentation

We review many prototypes annually, and our schedules can be extremely busy. You should take every step possible to ensure that your prototype is ready for review and can be demonstrated in a brief period of time.


Your game should be thoroughly play-tested not only with family members but also people who you think we will be selling your game to. You might take advantage of local and online game design groups and communities for help and advice on getting your prototype ready for review.


We request that you do not apply for a patent or copyright on your design before review. These are rarely valid and can create many complications for a prospective publisher like us. This is ultimately your choice, and you are free to pursue these if you wish, but they may impact our ability to accept your product if the design is not truly and thoroughly unique.

While it is not necessary for your prototype to be fully illustrated to the level of our products, it does help your presentation if you can apply features that help us envision the game on the table of our customer.




Submitting to Gigamic via Email

You may initiate your submission online by filling out the form we provide in our website FAQ


It is a good idea to create a short demonstration video in the style of our YouTube videos. If you can do it for us, then we should be able to do it for our customers.


Your description should be practiced, simple and thorough. Be sure to highlight the major features that help make your design different from other designs.


If your design has been considered or is being considered by other publishers, you should indicate that in your message.

Submitting to Gigamic in person

Gigamic is present at many events in Europe (such as Essen and Cannes festivals) and is expanding its presence in the USA (NY Toy Fair, Gen Con).


As many authors wish to take these opportunities to meet us we strongly recommend that you schedule an appointment in advance using the Contact form on the website.


What to expect after submitting your design

We receive nearly 1000 submissions annually, which must be reviewed by several members of our team. We will compare submissions to other products in our line as well as other games on the market.


If we believe a design has potential, we will ask to take the prototype for further review and testing. This process will take some time. We will do our best to maintain clear communications, but please be patient as reviewing prototypes is only one of the things we do (though it is one of our favorite parts of our job!)


We do not study submissions between November and March, as we are busy with tasks related to sales, marketing and fulfillment during this period. You may submit online, but it may take us a while to respond to you. We will try to maintain open communications with you, but please be patient as we


Like many publishers, the number of new titles we bring to market each year is typically 4 or 5 titles; publishing more makes it difficult to effectively market and sell. We might inquire about keeping your design for a longer period of time if we are unable to fit it into our current release schedule.


If we choose to publish your design, you will be asked to sign a contract with us. You will receive a percentage of the sales of your design as a periodic royalty payment.

Further Questions

If you have a question not addressed by this document, please use our Contact form. This document will be reviewed and updated periodically to ensure it is providing the most current information, so please revisit it before making a submission.


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