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Article published on 29/10/2014

available now around the world ! Discover the adorables creatures of Gloobz !

Players in Gloobz need to quickly grab the right figurines from the table before anyone else can.

Seven items start in the middle of play: three paint cans, three characters (triangular, square, round) and one  special Megagloobz that mixed all colors and shapes. On a turn, a player calls either "more" or "less", then flips the top card of the deck. Depending on what's called, players race to grab the items that correspond to the color and shape most (or least) visible on the card, scoring one point for each item correctly grabbed. If a magnifying glass appears on the card, players can grab anything they want. If the boss shows up, just grab him and score three points if you do.

Strong points: fun material, promotes quick thinking, hectic atmosphere.

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