The newest additions to our catalog

Our newest releases! Check back here soon, we are adding new games all the time!


Quetzal box left

Quetzal is a set collection game that offers a simple but innovative mechanism of workers placement. All players will enjoy the trip!


Peek-a-mouse box

A cooperative game in 3 dimensions with different levels of difficulty to adapt to the age of the players.

Quantik mini

Quantik mini box right

Rediscover the sensations of the famous Quarto with a completely different game of mental gymnastics.


Facing of Quantik

With Quantik, a single rule is enough to challenge your logic and tactics.


Squadro Box Front

The latest addition to Gigamic's modern classics of abstract strategy. Move four of your five pieces across the board and back to start. Be careful; blocking your opponent can not only get your piece ...

Hellapagos - Tribe and Characters expansion

Box of Hellapagos - Tribe and Characters expansion

They're no longer alone... By exploring their island, the castaways of Hellapagos have made a discovery that will change everything! There are other marooned voyagers here that have already ...

Yogi Guru

Box of Yogi Guru

Yogi Guru can be played by itself or as an expansion for the game Yogi. 60 new challenges await you: knee above the deck of cards, a fingertouching red, stomping before drawing... Are you ready to go ...