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A single goal: get rid of your dice!

Description of the game Wazabi

One of our best sellers! 

Get rid of all your dice. Simple sounds? The trick is: the less dice you have, the more difficult the game becomes! The cards which have the most devastating effects are played on your dice roll: Dice and cards change hands or are discarded, constantly changing which player has the upper hand. More powerful cards require more dice to play .... as you are getting ahead, you'll need more luck on your side! Conversely, as you are further behind the odds are in your favor to turn the tables on your opponents!



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About the game

Main strength :

Quick and fun, easy to carry, teenager loves it !

Author : Guilhem Debricon

Content : 24 engraved dice, 36 cards, 1 set of game rules, 1 bag.

Box format : 5-11/16˝ x 7-7/8˝ x 2-1/2˝

Nombre minimum de joueurs : 2

Nombre maximum de joueurs : 6

Durée minimum de jeu : 20

Minimum age : 8

Rewards :

Prix  Coup de cœur du public de Saint Herblain 2008 –  France ;
Chamboultou d'or 2009 -France


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